Collective Shutter Submission

Do you publish beautiful content for photographers on your blog and/or other mediums? I’d love to feature it on Collective Shutter should it meet the guidelines below.

Please provide a title for your submission. In most cases, this should be exactly the same as the original title you've published it under.
The full URL to your published content/video/tutorial/resource.
Who are you 🙂
Your email address.

Submission Guidelines

Collective Shutter exists as a way of providing photographers easy access to the best articles, tutorials, videos, and resources without having to dig through much of the spam and irrelevant content that gets published online. As such, CS has a strict set of publishing guidelines and here is what I look for in a good submission.

  • Detailed content, or news, that allows photographers to walk away with actionable advice, new knowledge, or valuable insights.
  • I love tutorials and tips that help photographers learn new skills or improve upon their existing skills.
  • Although I will accept round-up/inspirational posts, they must be of the highest standard and provide true value.
  • Your content should provide a positive user experience. Any submissions that link to pages filled with excessive advertisements will be ignored.

It is my goal to maintain an authentic, quality and insightful collection of content for photographers. As such, I do not publish every submission! All submissions are manually read, or watched should it be a video, as part of the approval process, to ensure they meet the needs and expectations of the broader community.

Should your submission meet the approval guidelines, you can expect to see it published within 24-48 hours, but please allow for delays during periods of high submissions.